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It's almost time

A few hours now exist between me and my vacation. Bag is packed, I'm sure to be getting an upper workout over the next couple of weeks, tried my best to "pack light," I thought I was pretty successful my bag's heavy feeling otherwise disagrees. If need be I've packed clothes without any emotional attachment so if I need to dump them along the way I'll be fine.

Me and Mr. Shah both agree we're going to pass out once on the plane, we have to strategically plan our sleep points along the long 24 hour journey to coincide with the 11 hour time difference. This will also be the first time I am going to be so far from my laptop. Slightly scared, we haven't had much time apart, my laptop and I, but I think it will be good for both of us. Okay enough with the personification of technology's importance, but I'm looking forward to the limited capacity of my Iphone with the voice and data disabled.

We've checked in online, Air France, hopefully the flight isn't too bad, went with www.seatguru.com flight suggestions of where not to sit so hopefully there are no surprises.

Final steps before departure:

-Quadruple check everything
-Theif proof the backpack with zip ties
-Hit up the temple to make sure we have a safe journey
-Bid farewell to the comforts of home for an entire month
-Prepare for the most spontaneous and adventurous thing I've done in my life so far!

I've gotta learn how to add pictures to this blog, I'm a fan of visuals so right now this is clearly lacking. Once I figure it out I ensure you tons of picturesque, downright silly and some inspirational pics.

Next update @ the Airport

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Pre Travel Mayhem

So its now 4:50 on the Wednesday before we depart, which means in approximately 48 hours or less Mr. Shah and I are expected to be checking into the Airport. I think part of the Vij legacy, is travel trips are never planned ahead as seen from the last minute booking last week and the current state of events. As much as everyone provides the advice to just 'go with the flow' its a lot harder than it looks. The stress from last week just died down as I got an acceptance into the school of my choice. WOO! (Although I'm still waiting for the acceptance package to make sure it's not a bluff) But now that leaves little room for procrastination as we are scrambling to make sure we don't end up homeless once we do get to Koh Phagnan and Amsterdam.


I am not a fan of buffets, don't take me wrong, I LOVE food but when there are a plethora of options in front of me and obviously you have to try everything once, so you don't really end up enjoying anything (I've had to endure much criticism against this viewpoint). Now to relate this to current events.

Hostelworld.com, sort of like the expedia of the hostel world. Whoever said ignorance was bliss, definitely knew a thing or two. This need to research every single pro and con about a place, the user reviews, proximity to major attractions, etc etc is definitely wasting more than a few minutes. It's Thailand, obviously we're not going to get the Hilton, yet the quest for the closest match at the best value is almost like a game. Not to mention, there's still so many other little things to worry about aside from accommodations before we actually step foot in an airport.

Security, what kind of locks we're going to 'theifproof' our belongings with, whether we're going to check our baggage or use it as a carry on (would love to have a carry on to save time but I don't think the 45L bag will pass the test, and at least if we check the bag I can bring my precious swiss army knife which I never leave anywhere without).

This entire process kind of makes me appreciate the whole all-inclusive trend: click a button, arrive at the airport, buy a few board shorts, have fun. Then again, once we figure out this vacation and execute it, I'm hoping it will be like autopilot. Plus I get the satisfaction of saying " I DID THAT" (said in the voice of Samuel Jackson from Coach Carter).

That being said, I'm stoked. So stoked. I've talked to so many people in passing this week and at the mention of khao san road, people's eyes light up with envy and the masses of interesting stories come out and how they'd love to switch spots.

48 hours till this dream becomes a reality.

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T-8 Days

Enthusiastic Hysteria

21 °C

T-8 days till the big day. Not too sure who invented the countdown but clearly it does no better to aid the stress and excitement that ensues next week. My life is sort of at that tipping scale at the moment where anything can happen. On Tuesday (T-5 days) I find out the decisions of the two medical schools in Canada I interviewed at. The entire application which started as early as last June has been a crazy adventure in itself, one which every pre medical student has at some point in their lives rambled and complained about. Therefore, I will choose to ignore that craziness and just skip to the meat of the stuff which is Tuesday and DDAY. I've been so crazy as to work out the number of potentials that may occur on Tuesday ranging from Acceptance/Acceptance to Waitlist/Waitlist to Rejection/Rejection and all the other fun combinations in between (if any mathie wishes to figure out the permutations and combinations then go right ahead and let me know).

Alright so the boring school stuff aside, part of my bucket list for ages (will post that one day too) has been to backpack. Ever since I saw a nurse in the hospital walk around with his patched up backpack and symbols of his adventures I've had this ridiculous itching desire to complete my own right of passage into the travel world. This has been procrastinated to say the least for a very, very long time. Such nuances such as time, working, not enough funds, needless to say there's ALWAYS an excuse. Well I've had enough of that. It's time to boogie on out of here and get this bucket list rolling.

This article below summarizes my sentiments and I guess a lot of the current generation's perspective on this whole itch to travel (kudos to TommyN for the find)


With the helpful encouragement of my travel partner, Mr. Shah, who will be probably be sharing some of the limelight on this blog during our adventures, we have finally been able to successfully book a vacation. Well its just the flight, but hey that's the most important part. Years of penny pinching and kijiji hunting for bargain deals, I'm finally ready to break the bank before school starts again somewhere in August. Now in terms of where we were going there was a constant tug of war between Mr Shah and myself in terms of a Eurotrip or a cultural invasion into South East Asia. Mr. Shah isn't a fan of sacrifices so instead of compromising he instead spent lengthy nights working out flight patterns and found a ridiculously priced vacation to both Bangkok AND Amsterdam.

Cheapest flights we found: skyscanner.com & tickets through multi destination feature of Air France http://www.airfrance.ca/

So the plan is to spend three weeks in South East Asia and a week in Europe before heading back home. Excited? Words do not suffice.

So as you can read, the excitement of this vacation is totally kicking the nervousness associated with med school out the door. Next week is a lot of whatever happens, happens I think this post is long enough for now, more to come about the pre-vacation stress planning and updated itineraries...time to dive my nose back into "Southeast Asia on a Shoestring"

Quote of the day: "Let’s turn a lemon into lemonade and go see the world at least"

Stay tuned...The Vijilante

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