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Boom Boom Boom, this is Mr. Shah (for now?) checking in.

After feeling nostalgic about my time traveling in Ghana and India I realized early last year that I needed to go somewhere again. I didn't know where but I just wanted to get up and explore! The opportunity wasn't coming and whether it was finding someone to go with, the price, priorities at home and so on, there was always something holding me back. Finally when Vij told me he wanted to go somewhere also, I knew that I had to take this opportunity and go! Since 2013 began I've been fortunate to mix work and play with some mini-trips to Los Angeles, Arizona, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Missouri, but this time it was going to be all play. As I got off the plane and onto the sky train, it finally kicked in. I'm in Bangkok! This city of extremes caters to everyone no matter what their interest is. The days are filled with religious bliss amongst the hustle of one of the shopping meccas of Asia and the nights, well, that's another type of bliss in itself. Whether you head to the infamous Khao son road, where you can party with travelers from all over the world, or to route 666 to party with Bangkok's local elite, you'll be in for a good time. Me and the vijilante were fortunate enough to experience both the past two nights and had a blast. Keep in mind that the last two days were a Sunday and a Monday! I can't really describe it but this city is absolutely nuts and there is something going on each night of the week. My mind is being blown every second and luckily the cleanliness and so far *knock on wood* the safe atmosphere of the city allow me to enjoy my time. The heat in the day is something that can tire you very quickly but it didn't stop us from visiting the Grand Palace (Wat Phra Kaew). I was surprised to learn of the Hindu influence in this major temple as there was the entire Ramayan, a classic Hindu tale of the Gods, that was painted across the walls. The hour long tour was awesome and allowed us to actually learn about the history. Being Jain myself, which has many close ties to Buddhism, seeing the Emerald Buddha was an incredible experience. Not as calm as I would have hoped though with the many travelers. Meeting other travelers is another experience in itself. You'll see them all over Bangkok. Some are here for long periods of time exploring all of southeast asia and some are just here to party. The food here is also reaaaaally good! I thought being a Vegetarian in Thailand would make diet an issue on this trip but so far I'm doing better than fine. The rest of thailand is likely to be another issue but we'll see when I get to the other spots. For now I'm just taking it all in and maybe way too excited for my own good. If any of you reading this have ever contemplated going somewhere, just go! Even if you have to go at it alone, you'll meet so many people along the way. It doesn't matter if you want to go for 2 weeks or 2 years, or want to stay a hostel or a hotel, there are different ways to explore each place and ways that cater to you! Every experience is good in its own way. Traveling for me just opens up my mind and refreshes it. It's almost therapeutic in a way. It allows me to step out of my comfort level and tests me in different ways. I can't really put it into words but loving it would be an understatement. Anyways our little rest break, which we usually take from 5-7 after being out for the whole day, is almost over and so is this blog post. I'm surprised that I can actually put my experience into words right now. I'm keeping a journal, something I didn't do in Ghana and India and wished I had, and in it my entries are a bunch of random thoughts on paper. I guess I'll need a nickname, Mr. Shah is pretty boring, but I'll pick one up as I go along. Time to hit the town for a third night in a row!

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